About Us

Saint Brendan was a sixth century Irish saint who founded monasteries, churches, and schools across Europe. Many people believe that he reached the Americas in an oxhide Irish boat, called a curragh, 500 years before the Vikings. His voyages are detailed in the medieval manuscript the "Navigatio Brendani." The Smith Mountain Lake Saint Brendan Society celebrates the memory of this Irish adventurer, sailor and saint. The founding members of the society grew up on Smith Mountain Lake and still live and work here. Our newer members come from many regions and many faiths. We represent the forty shades of green on Smith Mountain Lake. "Cead Mile Failte" is Irish for one hundred thousand welcomes. We welcome all those who would like to join us at any of our many social events around the lake.
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The Smith Mountain Lake Chili Festival
Don't forget to join us at the Smith Mountain Lake Chili Festival in November. The Saint Brendan Society blends old world fare with new world spices in a surpisingly tasty dish. Our chili is named for Bernardo O'Higgins, the bastard son of an Irish architect and a Spanish noblewoman. He became the liberator of the nation of Chile. The Saint Brendan Society has won two first place trophies for showmanship at our "Lost Souls Tavern." Just keep an eye out for the kilted cooks, pickled pipers and cute colleens.